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Jenna Drew Dancy's
ManyChat Bot Template

(value $67)

Aleasha Bahr's
Fill-In-the-Blank Subtle Selling Framework

Jenny Hanson Lane's
Gamify Your Summit Case Study
(value $197)

Joey Vitale's
Start-Up Kit for Entrepreneurs
(value $99)

Heidi Medina's
Visibility & Marketing Lounge
(30-Day Membership)
(value $125)

Holly Tillmans's
Outsourcing Success Workbook
(value $97)

Hello Audio
30 Days of free Audio Hosting
(value $97)

Dr. Naieema's
Clubhouse: From Listeners to Paying Clients
(value $147)

Mary Kathryn Johson's
Niche to Pitch Framework
(value $47)

Wendy Breakstone's
Project & Workflow Training
+ 8 Asana Templates
(value $97)

Dr. Michelle Mazur's
3 Word Rebellion Brand Message Map
(value $99)

Ary Doakes'
Get Your Money Right Tracker
(value $147)

Olivia West's
StickyFocus Course
(value $97)

Jacqueline Yvette's
Vague-To-Vivid Content Masterclass
(value $197)

Annabelle Bayhan's
Clubhouse Fundamentals
(value $197)

Natalie Gingrich's
Job Description Template
(value $97)

Abby Herman's
Content Master Lab for 90 Days
(value $497)

Wendy Breakstone's
Plan Your Audio Summit
{Live Masterclass}
(value $97)

Jaclyn Mellone's
What Podcasts to Pitch
(value $97)

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Frequently Asked Questions...

When will I get access to everything?
You'll get access to all interviews and transcriptions on the morning of June 9th. No waiting for you!Speaker bonuses will also be added to your VIP Pass portal by June 9th too!

When is this whole thing happening?
The main portion of the summit runs from Wednesday, June 9 through Friday, June 11, 2021 (I chose these dates because this is my birthday week and I know it will be fun to celebrate with everyone)!

I saw this advertised at a different price. Is this the same thing?
It sure is! We do not offer price adjustments after the price has increased.

I already have one or more of the speaker resources. Can I get a discount?
No discounts are offered. Just know that you're getting an incredible value, even if you have several of the speaker bonuses!

Do you offer refunds?
Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads and material from multiple businesses, refunds are not available. Please look through all the details before you purchase.

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No problem! Shoot an email over to and we'll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

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