Female Coaches & Program Creators:
Are you ready to stop following the advice of out-of-touch "Maserati-Marketers" and run your business YOUR WAY?

If you want to stand out as the expert in their niche, break-free of the status-quo, and make more money consistently, this Summit is for you.

(And by the way... this is a no-fluff, no BS, audio-only summit.)


You love being an entrepreneur...

...well, most of the time.

You get a lot of things in your business right, but you know you could be creating more connection, more profit, and more freedom.

And a lot of what the "big gurus" promote, just isn't in alignment with how you want to show up and run your business.

I bet you've even tried some of those tactics and they felt pushy and fake to you.

Life doesn't follow a straight line.
And neither does your business.

What you really want to be doing is:

  • Getting more of the right clients without spending all day manually sending cold DMs to random strangers.
  • Creating innovative, fun ways to engage deeper with clients without hours of one-to-one coaching.
  • Using high-impact lead-generation strategies to grow your email list instead of creating "just another pdf."
  • Feeling confident and prepared during sales calls so that you don't feel salesy or sleezy.
  • Using audio marketing to stand-out among the pack.
  • Outsourcing and growing a team the right way
  • And for goodness sake, HAVE MORE FUN.

You can learn to do all of this without burning-out, freaking-out, or selling-out.

And I've got just the ticket...

The Rule-Breakers Summit is about exactly that...
Breakin' those rules so you can create sustainable growth without resistance, overwhelm, or anxiety. You'll be able to stop chasing the "mirage of success" and actually enjoy your success.

Maybe you're...

  • Struggling with not having enough freedom because that "easy" launch has become a time-sucking nightmare
  • Not closing enough sales because your resistant to "pitching" the way you've been taught
  • On the verge of throwing in the towel because your business wasn't built to scale and you're stuck at a crossroads
  • Floundering around in all things social media trying to be everywhere for everyone

The Rule-Breakers Summit will give you a fresh perspective, new strategies, and reinvigorate your passion for your work!

This is NOT your "traditional" online summit.

This is NOT...

... a "sit-at-your-computer-watching-presentations-till-your-eyes-bleed" webinar-style summit. As a matter of fact, there are no slide presentations and you don't need to be "sitting" at any screen.

... a summit filled with extra coworking and networking extras that sound great in theory, but that you don't actually have time for. (We are all busy entrepreneurs after all!)

... a promo-heavy, pretentious "buy-my-stuff" advertisement disguised as a summit that offers a lot of babble but no actionable advice.

This IS...

... an AUDIO SUMMIT™️ that you can "binge-listen" while on-the-go.
(Listen in your car, walking the dog, on your spin bike...)

... specifically designed and curated for female online coaches and program creators who want to grow a sustainable business their way without the nonsense that the big gurus promote.

... 20 of the best and brightest online business experts offering their step-by-step strategies and sharing the inside scoop on what really works to grow your business sustainably.

The Details...


June 9-11, 2021.
Each morning at 7:00am PDT, the training interviews will be released for 24 hours to free attendees.


This is an AUDIO SUMMIT so you can listen-in from anywhere you can connect to the web. Just pop in your earbuds!


Join us in the private Rule-Breakers FB community where we’ll have daily conversations, and nightly prizes based on your engagement!


Upgrade to the VIP Pass to get unlimited access to the presentations streamed directly into your podcast player, and bonuses from all the speakers!

You're gonna #FANGIRL all over these
Rule-Breaking Speakers...

Dr. Michelle Mazuer
3 Word Rebellion: Creating an Uncopyable Message that Positions Your in a Category of One

Molley Mahoney
Build Community and Profits with Live Video

Joey Vitale
(our token male)
Keeping Your Business Protected & Legally Legit

Dr. Naieema Jackson
How To Be "Kayne Confident" to Close More Sales

Jacqueline Yvette
Content To Cash: Creating Magnetic Content that Sells

Jenny Hanson Lane
The Advanced Strategy To Scale, Upsell & Overdeliver With Your Customers

Abby Herman
Letting Your Audience Set your Content "Rules" (and How to Break Them)

Jaclyn Mellone
Grow Your Revenue with Guest Podcasting

Jessica Terzakis
What You Should do BEFORE You Create an Online Course

Jenna Drew Dancy
Secret Uses of Messenger Marketing to Build Relationships and Get More Clients inside DMs

Annabelle Bayhan
How to use the Audio Platform Clubhouse Grow Your Business

Mary Kathryn Johnson
5 Key Conversational Marketing Steps That Get Clients to Sell For You

Linda Sidhu
Why you need a QUIZ! (It’s not what you think!)

Heidi Medina
3 Ways to Increase Brand Visibility WITHOUT Spending Hours Online

Dr. Lindsay Padilla
5 Easy Ways To Amplify Your Offers With Audio

Aleasha Bahr
Breaking the Typical High Ticket Sales Process

Ary Doakes
Building Your Financial Fortress

Olivia West
Keeping Your Life From Falling Apart During Your Next Launch

Natalie Gingrich
How to Know When You're Ready to Hire an Operations Manager

Holly Tillman
The Good, Bad & Ugly of Outsourcing

...And Yours Truly!
Wendy Breakstone

Breaking The Rules to Create Resistance-Free Growth

I'm the host of this party.

Hey! I'm Wendy Breakstone...
Marketing Operations and Audio Summit™️ Coach for female 6-figure program creators and coaches who want to stand out as the expert in their niche, serve more clients, and make more money with ease.

For the past 18+ years I've consulted and mentored dozens and dozens of service-based entrepreneurs and business owners who need to build a strong foundation so that they can stop chasing the "mirage of success" and instead create sustainable, long-lasting growth.

It is that compilation of experiences in marketing operations, media, and event production, and project management that has driven me to launch Audio Summit Marketing School.

My goal for this Summit is simple:

Bring a handful of rule-breaking marketing, sales, and operations experts directly into your earbuds, so that you can learn new strategies and tactics that don't cause you to feel resistance - and instead help you run your business with ease!


Frequently Asked Questions...

Is this only for online coaches and program creators?
Pretty much... There are a lot of offerings out there for general business owners, but the speakers have been curated specifically for people who run an online business as a coach and program creator.

When is this whole thing happening?
The main portion of the summit runs from Wednesday, June 9 through Friday, June 11, 2021 (I chose these dates because this is my birthday week and I know it will be fun to celebrate with everyone)! We'll "officially" kick off on June 2nd with fun events in the FB Group and on Clubhouse.

So it's really audio-only?
YEP - slide presentations are my kryptonite.
So I'm breaking the rules and creating the exact summit that I love... AUDIO interview/presentations.

(However, there will be tons of extra bonuses for VIP Pass holders, provided by the speakers. Some of these may be video presentations.)

Each day's speaker presentations will be available for 36-hours.
However, you can grab the VIP Pass to get unlimited access to all of the presentations and bonuses

Is this just a bunch of fluff and people promoting their programs?
NO WAY! No one has time for fluffy BS. We want you to walk away with actionable, simple strategies and tactics you can use immediately.

Will transcriptions be provided?
Yes! We will provide transcriptions in pdf.

Will all the speakers get my email address?
The short answer is NO.
However, each speaker will offer a freebie that accompanies their interview topic. If you sign up for it, they will receive your email address.

Are the presentations live?
Hell no. To avoid tech glitches, save my sanity, and keep things easy for the speakers, everything is pre-recorded and will be released at the scheduled time.

Are you still accepting speakers?
For the most part, all of our speakers have been chosen, and our slots are full. However, we are still accepting applications for speakers through April 10th, we're open to additional affiliates or potential speakers next year's summit.

If you're interested in affiliate details or being a speaker for Rule-Breakers 2022, please email

I still have questions!
No problem! Shoot an email over to and we'll get back to you within 1-2 business days.